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100 biodegradable protective sails for washable diapers

100 biodegradable protective sails for washable diapers

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Biodegradable and disposable protective veils for babies

Give your baby the comfort and protection he deserves with our biodegradable sails for reusable diapers. Designed to be flushable , these sails offer a practical and eco-friendly solution to keeping your baby's skin dry and protected.

A peaceful night's sleep for baby (and you!)

Say goodbye to waking up at night to change diapers with our specially designed sails to last all night. With them, your baby will stay comfortably dry , reducing the risk of skin irritation and allowing you all to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Economical and practical

Our disposable diaper covers extend the life of your reusable diapers while saving you money. No more frequent purchases of disposable diapers ; opt for a more economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin

Made from natural bamboo leaves , our cloth diaper liners are hypoallergenic and ideal for babies with sensitive skin. Protect your baby from redness and irritation while taking care of the environment with these biodegradable sails.

Sizes suitable for all babies

Available in sizes S and L , our protective sails are designed to fit all reusable and washable diapers . Offer your baby optimal comfort, whatever their size or age, with our bamboo fabric sails.

An ecological and responsible choice

Take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle by opting for our biodegradable protective sails. Not only do they provide optimal protection for your baby, but they also help reduce the environmental impact of traditional disposable diapers.


✔ All night protection without leaks or skin irritation.

✔ Flushable for convenient disposal.

✔ Economical, reducing the costs of disposable diapers.

✔ Hypoallergenic, suitable for babies' sensitive skin.

✔ Available in sizes S and L to fit all babies.

✔ Contribution to preserving the environment with biodegradable materials.


Size L: 7-12 months
Size S: 0-6 months
Suitable Weight: 12 - 15 Kg
Material: Bamboo fabric
Quantity: 100 pieces per roll
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