Collection: Baby cushion

Welcome to our Baby Cushion collection, where the comfort and safety of little ones are at the heart of our concerns. In this world dedicated to babies, we offer you a varied range of cushions specially designed to meet the needs of young parents and their children.

Let us guide you through the different types of baby cushions you'll find in our collection, each offering unique features to support your child at every stage of their growth.

1. Cushions for high chair, stroller and car seat

High Chair and Stroller Cushion

High Chair and Stroller Cushion

Cushions for high chairs, strollers and car seats are essential accessories to ensure the comfort and safety of babies when traveling. Specially designed to provide optimal support, these cushions are adapted to the shape of little ones, ensuring comfortable seating throughout the journey.

  • Comfortable support:

These cushions have soft padding that perfectly fits the baby's shape, ensuring comfortable and ergonomic support during car journeys, in a stroller or when eating in the high chair. Thanks to their specific design, they reduce pressure points and allow the child to remain well seated, even over long distances.

  • Optimal security:

Safety is a top priority when it comes to traveling with a baby. These cushions are equipped with safe and reliable fixing systems, ensuring that the baby remains properly secured in their high chair, stroller or car seat. In addition, they are made from high-quality, non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials, ensuring the safety and well-being of the child.

2. Bath cushions

Anti-Slip Baby Bath Cushion
  • Ergonomic cushions for babies

Discover our range of ergonomic cushions specially designed to make your baby's bath safer and more comfortable than ever. These cushions are designed with special attention to the safety and comfort of your little one, providing an enjoyable and relaxing bathing experience for you and your baby.

  • A special design

Our bath pillows feature a special design that ensures optimal support for your baby's head and body while bathing. The ergonomic shape of our cushions perfectly follows the natural curve of baby's body, providing extra support where it is needed most. Additionally, the soft and comfortable material of our cushions ensures that your baby will feel safe and relaxed throughout the bath.

3. Head and neck support cushions

Baby head and neck support cushions are essential accessories to guarantee the comfort and safety of your little one when resting or traveling. Designed with ergonomics adapted to babies' delicate body shapes, these cushions provide optimal support for their heads and necks, helping to prevent stiff necks, flat heads and muscle tension.

Anti-flat head baby cushion

Anti-flat head baby cushion

  • Optimal comfort and support

Thanks to their ergonomic design, baby head and neck support cushions provide exceptional comfort while maintaining a natural head and neck position. Their soft and plush padding ensures optimal support, allowing your baby to rest peacefully without risk of discomfort or discomfort.

  • Prevention of stiff neck and flat head

By adequately supporting your baby's head and neck while sleeping or moving, these cushions help prevent stiff neck, flat head and muscle tension. Maintaining correct head and neck position from an early age is essential for the proper development of posture and to avoid neck pain.

4. Nursing pillows

Nursing pillows are essential companions for mothers and infants during breastfeeding. Designed to provide comfortable and optimal support, these cushions are versatile, comfortable and machine washable, making them practical and hygienic accessories for young parents.

Baby nursing pillow

Baby nursing pillow

  • Versatile cushions

The nursing pillows in our collection are designed to meet the needs of mothers and babies. Their ergonomic shape fits perfectly to the mother's body, providing optimal support during breastfeeding. Made with high quality materials, these cushions are gentle on the infant's delicate skin and ensure optimal comfort for the mother.

  • facilitate breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be a special moment of connection between mother and baby, but it can also be a source of discomfort if the position is not appropriate. Nursing pillows provide additional support by keeping baby at the ideal height for a comfortable and efficient feeding. They also help relieve tension in mom's arms, shoulders and back, allowing for longer, more enjoyable breastfeeding sessions.

5. Decorative cushions

Decorative cushions for the baby's room are much more than just accessories. Their role goes beyond aesthetics, as they add a warm and personal touch to your little one's space. Available in a variety of attractive patterns and colors, these cushions are designed to brighten up baby's room and give it a welcoming and happy ambiance.

Soft and Adorable Plush Cushion

Soft and Adorable Plush Cushion

  • Baby room decoration

Decorative cushions are an essential element of baby's room decoration. Their presence adds texture, color and personality to the space, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your little one. Whether on the bed, in a reading corner or on a rocking chair, these cushions add a finishing touch to the decoration of the baby's room, giving it a charming and welcoming look.

  • Additional comfort

In addition to their decorative appearance, our cushions for the baby's room also offer additional comfort. Made from quality materials, they are soft to the touch and provide plush support so your baby can rest comfortably. Whether it's an afternoon nap or a morning play session, our decorative pillows are a practical and comfortable addition to your baby's room.

6. Inclined Anti-reflux Cushion: For Baby’s Peaceful Sleep

The Anti-Reflux Slant Cushion is an essential tool for parents whose babies suffer from gastroesophageal reflux or frequent spit-up. Designed with a slight tilt, this pillow helps elevate baby's upper body during sleep, reducing reflux symptoms and promoting peaceful rest.

Anti-Reflux Baby Cushion

Anti-Reflux Baby Cushion

  • Reduction of Reflux Symptoms

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the anti-reflux inclined cushion helps keep baby in a slightly inclined position during sleep. This elevated position helps reduce pressure on the stomach, thus limiting acid reflux and regurgitation. Parents often notice a significant improvement in their baby's reflux symptoms after the first few uses of this cushion.

  • Scientifically Tested and Approved

The anti-reflux inclined cushion has undergone rigorous testing by pediatric experts. These scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of tilt in reducing reflux symptoms in infants. The results showed that regular use of this cushion can help improve baby's sleep and reduce episodes of regurgitation.

In addition, the anti-reflux inclined cushion is made with high-quality, non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials, ensuring the safety and comfort of baby while sleeping.

Peaceful Sleep for Baby, Respite for Parents

Anti-reflux cushion - Baby wedge

Anti-reflux cushion - Baby wedge

By providing your baby with a comfortable and secure sleeping environment, the anti-reflux inclined pillow allows you to enjoy more peaceful nights. No more frequent waking up due to reflux symptoms! With this pillow, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping safely and comfortably.


In the “Baby Cushion” collection, we offer a complete range of cushions designed to meet the specific needs of your little one. Whether for safety in the high chair, comfort in the stroller or support during bathing, we have solutions adapted to every situation.

Our cushions for the high chair, stroller and car seat provide optimal comfort when traveling, while our ergonomic bath cushions ensure a safe and pleasant bathing experience. For rest and sleep, our head and neck support cushions provide optimal support while preventing stiff necks.

For moms, our versatile nursing pillows make breastfeeding easier while providing comfortable support. Finally, our decorative cushions add a touch of aesthetics to baby's room while providing additional comfort.

Explore our collection now and give your baby the comfort and well-being they deserve. With quality products designed with care, we are here to support your baby at every stage of their growth.