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Anti-reflux cushion - Baby wedge

Anti-reflux cushion - Baby wedge

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Reduce Regurgitation

This inclined pillow is specially designed to help reduce regurgitation in infants during sleep, providing better comfort and support.

Comfortable Material

Made from soft and comfortable materials, this pillow provides a soothing sleeping experience for babies. Easy to clean and maintain, it ensures a hygienic environment.

Suitable for Infants

Designed for babies prone to regurgitation, this cushion provides optimal support and comfort. Also suitable for infants suffering from acid reflux or digestive disorders.

Versatility of Use

Whether for sleeping or breastfeeding, this inclined cushion ensures a comfortable position for babies. It can be used on various surfaces such as bed or crib.

Promotes Better Sleep

By elevating the upper part of the body, it helps to improve and reduce discomfort linked to regurgitation. It allows infants to benefit from more peaceful and restorative sleep.


  • Material: Polyester fiber
  • Dimensions: Approximately 58x36x15 cm
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